Our TV Covers come in a range of sizes that should suit most televisions.  If you are unsure you can always email us with the dimensions or a make and model.

Although we do not custom make TV covers, we always welcome feedback and suggestions on how our covers fit and ideas for new sizes.

This table is a general guide as to which cover would suit your TV.  You should check the dimensions of your television and the cover before purchasing to ensure the best fit.

Size W x H x D (cm)  W x H x D (inches)
22 Inches 55cm x 32cm x 8cm 21.3in x 12.6in x 3in
24 Inches 60cm x 35cm x 8cm 23.6in x 13.8in x 3in
28 Inches 65cm x 40cm x 8cm 25.6in x 15.7in x 3in
32 Inches 75cm x 45cm x 10cm 29.5in x 17.7in x 4in
34 Inches 85cm x 50cm x 10cm 33.5in x 19.7in x 4in
40 Inches 95cm x 55cm x 10cm 37.4in x 21.7in x 4in
42 Inches 100cm x 60cm x 12cm 39.4in x 23.6in x 4.7in
46 Inches 110cm x 65cm x 12cm 43.3in x 25.6in x 4.7in
50 Inches 115cm x 70cm x 12cm 45.3in x 27.6in x 4.7in
55 Inches 130cm x 75cm x 12cm 51.2in x 29.5in x 4.7in
60 Inches 140cm x 80cm x 12cm 55.1in x 31.5in x 4.7in
65 Inches 150cm x 90cm x 12cm 59.1in x 35.4in x 4.7in
70 Inches 160cm x 95cm x 12cm 63.0in x 37.4in x 4.7in
75 Inches 170cm x 100cm x 12cm 66.9in x 39.3in x 4.7in
80 Inches 180cm x 110cm x 12cm 70.9in x 43.3in x 4.7in
85 Inches 200cm x 120cm x 12cm 78.7in x 47.2in x 4.7in
100 Inches 230cm x 130cm x 12cm 90.5in x 51.1in x 4.7in