In 2010 after installing a television under our new outdoor area, we went searching for a cover to protect our TV from the elements. Surprisingly, there was nothing readily available in the shops.

Searching online yielded only expensive covers or Perspex screens in the USA. Frustrated at the lack of affordable covers available we decided to source and sell our own. With the price of televisions dropping all the time we did not want to spend $150 to protect a television that cost $200.

This is where the idea for TV Covers was born. Our goal is to have the best value for money TV Covers. Since we do everything ourselves and look to utilise free (or cheap) services, we pass on the savings to you and don't charge exorbitant prices. Of course we want to make a profit, but we're not greedy.

We are a family based business located in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. Because we are small and intimate, you can be assured of our attention at all times. If you email us, we will respond. We are not a faceless company that exists only on the Internet who you cannot speak to.

Whether you're in Dubai or Dubbo please feel free to get in touch.