Australia's Original TV Cover Since 2010

Since 2010 we have been protecting televisions in Australia, and all around the world.

Whether you decide to put a television on a patio, an outdoor deck or by the pool, an outdoor television cover provides all season protection for your valuable flat panel TV.

Enjoy the outdoors all year round knowing that your TV is protected against dust, insects, UV Rays, ice and condensation with a television cover. 

Television covers are ideal for holiday homes, especially near the beach, so you can protect your television from the salt air when not in use.

Protect your television to ensure your equipment is ready to use at any time - in winter or summer!

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Australian Owned

We are proud to declare that our company is certified as
Australian-owned, reflecting our commitment to supporting local
businesses and communities.

Our dedication to the Australian identity is at the core of our operations.

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