Why don't we sell on eBay?

When we started selling TV Covers in 2010, we were the first on the market in Australia.  People could trust us and rely on our product.  In fact, we had many repeat customers who kept coming back when they got bigger televisions!

After a while, people started copying and stealing our designs, pictures and text.  They didn't really care about the product, you, or your television. They just wanted to make a quick dollar with rubbish products.

We know you didn't buy a cheap television only to buy a cover that isn't suited and won't protect it.

What do you find on eBay?

  • Poor quality products with people looking for a quick dollar
  • People pretending to be in Australia when they are in Asia
  • Copycats stealing ideas, pictures and text (sometimes word for word!)
  • Many (if not most) of the pictures are photo-shopped and aren't realistic, leaving customers disappointed
  • No expertise about TV Covers as they often sell hundreds, if not thousands of unrelated products
  • Dishonest buyers trying to get free items by complaining that they didn't arrive, etc

    What about Amazon?

    We did sell for a while on Amazon (US Site), but again, we found dishonest people who were using our covers, photos and listings.  In fact, some were advertising OUR covers, buying off us and then sending to customers at inflated prices!!  Yes, it did happen!

    For these reasons we have decided not to sell on eBay (and Amazon) as we don't believe the quality and the value is there.  Put it this way, it is like buying fake clothes from the knock-off market instead of a proper retailer.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us at our contact page and we'll put you at ease.