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Measure Your Television

Measuring your television is recommended to ensure that you purchase the correct cover. You should measure the height, the width and the depth of your television. When dealing with television measurements, it is common to talk in inches, although, we do provide the measurements in centimetres.

When talking about the actual viewing area of your television, say 50 inches, this is measured diagonally from the bottom to the top of the actual viewing area. However, you should follow the instructions below on this site to get exact details before purchasing your cover.

The height of your television should be measured from the bottom of the border around the screen vertically to the top. Do not include the stand.

The width of your television is measured horizontally from one end to the other.

The depth of your television is measured from the extreme front of the TV to the extreme back of the TV. Don't include the measurement of any TV stand.

Once you have these measurements, you should also check that your wall mount is compatible. Although, our TV Covers are a universal fit, it is always good to check.

Of course, any questions please contact us.